With Homies, there's always someone nearby.

Hi, we're Homies!

At Homies we want to make you feel safe and sound. With an Homies alarmsystem, your house and neighborhood are more than secured. To guarantee this, we closely cooperate with your family, friends and neigbors. As no one cares more for your safety than these people do.

Our product works. Our customers have proven that. When your alarm sounds, someone will be checking-up on you within approximately three minutes. With Homies, there is always someone nearby.

Homies was established in 2016 and is an innovation of Achmea. Homies is a young energetic company with a strong team of young professionals. Each of our colleagues is specialized in their own discipline, with a common goal: to make things happen. 

Homies finds itself in a very fast-paced environment, which means things can get hectic sometimes. We are looking for autonomous problem solvers able to take ownership for their work, who understand what it takes to build a product for the longer term and who can think beyond technical implementation from a business perspective.

Based in our spacious office on walking distance from Amsterdam Sloterdijk, we spend our days making things happen. Our main focus for the next few years is to keep growing our customer base of course, but also to invest heavily in innovation to make our product even more effective and to stay ahead of potential competitors. And: we are looking for bright minds to join our cause! 

Below you can find our Homies heroes. 

Together with this happy bunch, we work, we play, we reach goals, we laugh, we eat cake (a lot!), we celebrate success and we aim for bigger and better. Fun fact: our 3-weekly retrospective might appear to you a cosy movie night, gathering around the TV, including crisps and snacks. (But obviously, we first share professional insights and interesting results before dicussing our favourite netflix series)


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